His control over droids and mechanicals increases daily; his use of the various artifacts of the Jedi his mother brings to him is ever more adept.
--Children of the Jedi

By tapping into the strength of the Force, Lord Irek was able to reactivate the relay and bring the battlemoon here, where it will be close enough for him to control its on-board programming directly.”
--Children of the Jedi
“That supership Mara told us about, the other half of the assault on Belsavis … it’s on its way! Irek summoned it—Roganda’s son, Irek—” “That kid?” “He’s trained in the Force, he can influence mechanicals … He’ll make hash out of our fleet …”
--Children of the Jedi
Coincidentally, while Irek Ismaren was using his subelectronic converter to call the ship through the Force, Jedi Master Luke Skywalker had already encountered the Eye in the Moonflower Nebula.
--The Essential Chronology

Irek Ismaren, who was rumored to be the offspring of Palpatine himself, had been implanted with a subelectronic converter that allowed him to control any machine with a mere thought.
--Essential Chronology