This is a very simple wager that asks the bettor to decide whether or not the next game played will reach a deuce score. The odds on betting ‘yes’ will return a much better payout than ‘no’ wagers since most games do not reach deuce.
To start with, ask yourself what kind of games end up in deuce? The obvious answer is that only close games result in deuce. A deuce is reached when both players have four points, so games that you expect to be lopsided are easy choices for a ‘no’ wager. For example, you would not want to choose ‘yes’ for this wager in a game where the higher ranked player had been dominating the match and is serving. That is a game that is more likely to end up being held at love than it is to end in a deuce.
The best combination to look for when planning a ‘yes’ wager is a strong returner who is facing a weak server. Those games are likely to go back and forth and could very well end up in a deuce situation. It can be wise to wait on placing these kinds of bets until at least a few games of the match have been played. At that point you should have a good idea of what each player is doing in the match, and how successful their service games have been. If one player consistently has struggled to hold serve, you might consider a ‘yes’ wager on one of their upcoming service games.
Another situation you could consider a ‘yes’ wager is when the serving player has just finished playing a long game on the returning side. Running around returning points in a long game can take out a players’ legs – and leg strength is crucial to strong serving. If you suspect the upcoming server may be physically worn out from the game before, a ‘yes’ wager on the game reaching deuce might be in order.
Among all of the live tennis wagers, this one is in more of the ‘coin flip’ category. You can apply the above strategies to give yourself a better chance, but ultimately there is a lot of chance involved in this one. If you have a strong feeling about a particular game reaching deuce, then give it a shot. Other than that, you are probably better off finding wagers that allow for a little more planning and methodology in choosing a winner. Source: Betbubbles legal online sports betting