The Shopping Mall: A Cultural View

Culture is something that will always utilize to clarify various things in the human civilization and a cautious study of it is a springboard to depict human behavior within this existing civilization. With modern’s fast developing world, with constantly conflicting societies daily, the significance of the analysis of culture has been more thoughtful as one requires to explore the diverse societies with the aim of gaining a discernment to the human mind.
This writer discusses the culture intrinsic in a shopping mall, as observed by him.
For this project, the writer from this paper had chosen Towne Mall, located in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. The Elizabethtown is not in any way an affluent town nor is it a town inflicted by poverty. People were happy within their means and a relaxed stroll within a shopping area can hardly be termed as a luxurious activity among these people. Since a mall has a specific way of motivating people to purchase things not thought as a necessity, it is clear that in early hours of the day, some families had already carried out their shopping for the day and are having a banquet of some kind in the food court whilst the kids are off playing.
The author of this paper should clearly write about ethnocentrism in the society a concept. Nevertheless, there is an amazing aspect the author observed that none of it within that little community in the town that is mostly white. It is remarkable to state that children and even their parents are in harmony. They seem to be living contentedly and enjoying their family trip within the mall on a weekend morning. They are contented with their lives, except that one little girl who is deemed as the outcast by that group of children.
As everything appears, it cannot be perfect and that the little girl appears to be the focus of the joke. The bigger issue here in the whole narration, nevertheless, is that the obvious accord within the community. The racism in the town does not seem to be existent and the peace is accepted by the children. It is sometimes difficult to understand a cultural view essay without some additional input at this point Custom Writings suggest you click here for in-depth help from our student center.

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