Time-of-flight (ToF) image sensors determine the distance to objects from the time it takes emitted light to reflect off the objects and reach the sensor. Pixel technology in Sony’s back-illuminated structure produces depth maps as accurate as those of conventional sensors even at 1.5 times the distance. Gesture, object recognition, and obstacle detection are expanding applications for these sensors, which are used in augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) scenarios, and in robots and drones that require autonomous operations.

IMX324 was released, which is a stacked CMOS image sensor with 7.42 effective megapixels, the industry’s highest resolution for forward-sensing cameras. We expect these sensors to be used in more cars than ever, in applications including advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and camera monitoring systems (CMS) that replace rearview mirrors.

Intelligent Vision Sensor is the first image sensor in the world to be equipped with AI processing functionality.* Including AI processing functionality on the image sensor itself enables high-speed edge AI processing and extraction of only the necessary data, which, when using cloud services, reduces data transmission latency, addresses privacy concerns, and reduces power consumption and communication costs.

To realize Edge AI processing, edge devices need to be equipped with AI processing functionality, but there are differences depends on where AI processing works within the edge devices.It is also possible to be equipped with an AI processor separately from an image sensor within a system configuration of the camera. On the other hand, Intelligent Vision Sensor has AI processing functionality so that enables Edge AI processing within the image sensor.
Intelligent Vision Sensor can output metadata which is semantic information belonging to image data, making for reduced data volume.Ensuring that image information is not output helps to reduce security risks and address privacy concerns. In addition to the image recorded by the conventional image sensor, users can select the data output format according to their needs and use.

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