Most Elusive Dog Breeds

So you're a dog owner. The Otterhound is one of the most elusive dog breeds, but What is an Otterhound? The Otterhound is a British scent hog, and it is recognized by the Kennel Club as a Vulnerable Native Breed. Though it is a rare breed, it is thought that around 600 animals survive worldwide. While you may not have heard of this British dog breed before, you're in luck.

The otterhound is a medium-sized dog with a long, rough coat. Their double-coated outer coats are waterproof and they typically have an inner, woolly coat. This breed's neck and chest are deep and prominent. Their ears are also long, covered by their thick coat. These dogs are very affectionate and will seek out their owners for attention. The best way to train an otterhound is to make it your own.

As an Otterhound is a weather-resistant breed, it needs daily exercise. The dog needs to be walked or run every day. However, he can become forgetful when he's in a chase, so you should only let him run free in a secure area. If you have enough space, an adult Otterhound makes a good jogging companion. The dog also requires moderate grooming and does not require stripping.

Unlike many other dogs, the Otterhound is friendly and affectionate, making it an excellent companion. Even though the breed is known to be clumsy and prone to tripping, it is a great pet for families. The dog has a high sense of smell, making it an ideal hunting dog. During hunts, the Otterhound will scour the countryside for food. A typical day for an otterhound will last more than a week if kept in a stable, fenced area.

A male Otterhound is a relatively small dog, measuring about 27 inches tall and weighing about 100 pounds. Females weigh about twenty-five inches and weigh approximately 80 pounds. The breed is amiable and loves children, but they can also be very rough. They're loyal to their family, so keep them safe and away from children. If you've never owned an otter before, this breed is definitely an excellent choice.

This dog breed is a playful clown, and it's a good choice for families with kids and other dogs. Although it's not an ideal pet for apartment dwellers, the Otterhound is a very social dog. They're generally well-behaved, but they may see cats as prey. Nevertheless, despite their aloof nature, the Otterhound is a very intelligent dog, and they can learn to open cabinets, doors, and crates.

Compared to other breeds, the Otterhound is the most lovable of all. They're very affectionate and have a wide range of vocalizations. They're usually friendly and get along well with other pets. The only downside to Otterhounds is their size, so be sure to take them outside for a walk if you're looking for an indoor dog. These large dogs require a lot of exercise, and they're best suited for homes with active kids.