Kell finished binding Viqi’s hands behind her back and looked up in time to see Lord Nyax lunge toward Luke. Luke raised his lightsaber, caught the downward sweep of Lord Nyax’s right-hand forearm weapon. He spun clockwise, narrowing his profile as the left-hand forearm blade thrust toward him, and kept his guard up in time to intercept the right-hand elbow blade. Mara leapt forward, unleashing two fast blows that the thing’s left-elbow blade caught, then folded over nearly double as she leaped back from a strike from its left knee. The Yuuzhan Vong warriors unloaded handfuls of thudbugs and razorbugs, heedless of which of the targets they might hit, but the two Jedi and Lord Nyax flicked the weapons out of the air or dodged them entirely. Two Jedi? Three. Suddenly Tahiri was in their midst, coming up on Luke’s left, blocking a follow-up blow from the elbow blade on that side.(....)Denua Ku watched the pale Jeedai, and for a moment admiration almost drowned out the revulsion he felt at the notion of having abomination-machines like lightsabers touching one’s own flesh. The pale thing fought with a savagery and speed unlike those of any warrior he had ever seen. And it was untrained. With his experienced warrior’s eye, he could see that its movements were instinctive, a fact revealed in the creature’s failure to throw effective combinations of blows, its inability to gauge which way its enemies would leap when it attacked them. If it had been born Yuuzhan Vong, if he’d been able to train it for a year, even half a year, he could have turned this thing into the greatest warrior who was not himself a god. As it was, he’d have to kill this thing.Even if the Jeedai, too, wanted it dead, it was still an abomination. And it was the greater threat. It had to die first. He threw his last razorbug, then lunged forward into hand-to-hand range, probing at the pale thing’s back with the tail-tip of his amphistaff. The pale thing spun, sending its knee blade toward Denua Ku’s guts. He blocked the sweep with his amphistaff, but the impact was tremendous; it threw him back off his feet. He rolled backward and came upright, saw one of his warriors perform a similar probing assault … and this warrior took a forearm blade through the throat. Nine Yuuzhan Vong warriors down. Sixteen to go. The numbers were becoming worse. A tremendous mechanical roar shook the chamber. It lowered slightly in volume but became steady, filling the air.“It’s a delaying tactic!” Mara shouted over the roar. “I know!” Luke shouted back. “It’s working! I’m being delayed!” He stopped a forearm-swing and was driven back a step, stopped the follow-up elbow swing and was driven back a step, jumped back to avoid the knee-strike and discovered it was only a feint; Lord Nyax’s leg snapped back and caught a Yuuzhan Vong warrior in the crotch, collapsing the warrior despite its armor. Every step took the Jedi and the warriors toward the center of the chamber. The floor vibrated beneath their feet. “What?” Mara said. “I didn’t say anything!” “Not you! Speak up, Face!” Luke waved Mara back. She jumped up and backward in a somersault, taking her out of Lord Nyax’s range, and took out her comlink, holding it up to her ear. Tahiri took her place, swinging her lightsaber defensively, eyes wide as she analyzed her attacker’s motions and patterns.Unable to hear, Mara bit off a curse. She tucked her comlink away and jumped back into the fight, deflected a pair of thudbugs, took a swipe at Lord Nyax’s hand; its arm rotated and it caught the attack on its lightsaber blade. Luke flipped over the pale thing, striking as he went; his blow was blocked.Tahiri, in front, lunged forward … and stumbled, right into the path of a knee blade. Mara reached out, an effort to shove with the Force, knowing that she was too late, knowing that the knee-blade would emerge in a fraction of a second from the back of Tahiri’s skull—but Tahiri whipped to the side, still in control, still in balance, even as Luke crashed feetfirst into Lord Nyax’s neck, forcing its head down toward its own knee-blade. The blade turned itself off. Lord Nyax’s head passed through empty space. Luke, backflipping to his feet, offered up an expression of bafflement and frustration. Mara sighed. It had been a feint, an effort to trick the thing into spearing itself with its own weapons. But its designers had been too thorough. There were fail-safes. The floor rocked under their feet. Mara felt the crash from below as much as she heard it. Lord Nyax leapt upward a half-dozen meters and then, impossibly, just hung there in space, smiling down at the Jedi and the Yuuzhan Vong. Mara realized, a fraction of a second too late, that it had merely grabbed the same cord by which she and Luke had descended. Then the floor went out from under her.
--Enemy Lines II: Rebel Stand