(sample teams under revamp and updates due to tier shift)

Lairon Balance by Slowbroth [importable]

Charmeleon Offense by Akir [importable]

Grovyle Offense by Aaronboyer [importable]

Furret Spikes Balance [importable]

Stall by Aaronboyer [importable]


Outdated Sample Teams

Sealeo Offense by Slowbroth [importable] [description]

Choice Band Spam Offense by Pearl [importable] [description]

Omanyte Spikes Balance by ggggd [importable] [description]

Clamperl Balance by LordST [importable] [description]

Stall by Pearl [importable] [description]


Marshtomp Standard Offense by Slowbroth [importable] [description]

Shuckle Balance by Manyy [importable] <- link no longer works [description]

Furret Offense [importable] [description]

SubGrow Sunflora Balance [importable] [description]

Dunsparce Balance [importable] [description]

Dunsparce Balance by Slowbroth [importable]

Yanma Offense by Aaronboyer v3 [importable]

Super Meta Balance by Slar Flar [importable]

Spikes Offense by PokemonMasterTj [importable]

Basic HO by Megazard [importable]

Corsola Bulky Offense by Amberrlamps [importable]